What is iRecall?

Created for vets, by vets — iRecall is a veterinary-specific client communication software that makes your life easier and your patient’s lives better.

Better communication — building better relationships

We believe that better animal health starts with better communication and relationships with clients. iRecall enables you to support your patients beyond the practice door with engaging communications, improving compliance — building trust and connections with your practice.

The right message

Don’t be fooled, iRecall isn’t just any reminder software.Fully integrated with your practice management system, iRecall reads your live data. Every message sent is automated to reduce your admin, and is delivered exactly when it’s needed — saving you from the appointment rush of bulk reminders.

Your complete communication solution

iRecall has a wealth of communications that are essential to build and support the vet to pet-owner connection, for life.

Engage -> Educational & awareness | Remind -> Reminders | Review -> Feedback surveys

Sending communications right into the pet-owners hands via SMS, email and post. Clients are in control with full message preferences managed to ensure every message delivery is through your clients preferred channels.

Building trust with engaging and informative communications. Boost your profile, improve your workflow, and increase profits with timely reviews and client reminders.

Hands-free set-up

Installation is easy. No need for on-site visits or engineers disrupting your practice. Your iRecall is installed remotely by our team of experts, and our friendly support team will back you up.

Continuum of care

We help build strong relationships between the vet and their clients. To support this; we partner with key stakeholders within the veterinary industry. Working closely with each corner of the industry creates a continuum of care that puts pets first. 

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