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"400% increase on flea and worm product sales & 200% increase on vaccines. Yes. Really."

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Reduce staff workload with iRecall automated reminders

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Delivering the difference

Taking your care beyond the practice door with health education, reminders and client feedback requests.

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Focused on your clients

Personalised, targeted and practice-branded messaging to improve client engagement & treatment compliance.

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Reducing your admin

Smart tech that frees up your veterinary team to focus on your patients. Reducing your admin and improving practice workflow.

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Over 6 million clients worldwide

Engaging at the right time

Proven client communications delivered at the right time, optimising compliance & health outcomes.

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Building your reputation

Facilitating happy clients to spread the word for you. Fully managed review system provides real-time feedback so you can deliver the best proactive customer service to your clients.

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Making the right connections

Reaching 100% of your clients, 100% of the time to maximise compliance, through text, email and post.

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Loved by thousands of veterinary teams around the globe:

Stellar Vets logo

"iRecall has been a game-changer for my business. Our start up has had a turbo boost from all the iRecall packages. You probably know about it’s vaccination and parasiticide reminders, which is does brilliantly, but did you know about reviews. Using reviews we have amassed two hundred 5 star google reviews in less than a year. What about Engage? A great tool that we have used to educate clients about arthritis and atopic dermatitis. It is all so easy, use the pre-set templates, tweak them to your satisfaction. Hit the go-live button then get on with what you do best - looking after your patients. It really is “set and forget”, it just runs constantly in the back ground. It is never off sick, never forgets to send the reminders, it just works."

David Hodges
Stellar Vets
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Inglis Vets logo

One word...FANTASTIC! iRecall® has been a brilliant addition to our service, which clients hugely appreciate. We've seen a significant increase in vaccinations and preventive product recall, as well as compliance. This increase, and repeat purchases, have translated into sales growth that exceeded our expectations, both in vaccines and parasiticides. Virtual Recall's online hub makes keeping track of things really easy across all our branches. We can see messages sent, sales and repurchases (down to the individual products) for each of our clinics, or consolidated as a whole. We can track exactly what is going on, both on a daily basis and over the long term, which helps purchasing decisions. We are just about to start using iRecall® for our client satisfaction surveys, which will help us improve our all round client-focused service even more.

Adam Tjolle Bvetmed, MRCVS
Inglis Vets
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VETaround Sydney Mobile Vet Service logo

It's been going really well! There's no doubt Virtual Recall has made a huge difference to our efficiency and client

Ari Ende
VETaround Sydney Mobile Vet Service
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Vets 1 Group

400% increase on Flea and Worm product sales achieved in first 5 weeks of iRecall® install. 200% increase on annual vaccination. Yes. Really.

Simon Power
Vets 1 Group
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4 PAWS VET logo

There is no doubt that iRecall has been a great concept & has helped drive more people back to the practice. That is apart from the time & costs of mail outs. I know the clients also appreciate the SMS or emails as reminders.

Ian Russ
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The Mewes Vets logo

I have been a customer of Virtual Recall for many years, and since joining have seen their service boost my practice significantly. We now see the majority of vaccines on their due date, whereas previously they might be up to 3 months late. And of course, all this without any input from one of my team members at all. We first used them to send monthly reminders to our clients for their pets' parasiticides. I still get compliments and thanks from clients for this service. We have had to seriously tighten up our collection of email addresses and mobile phone numbers, but this is now becoming routine. We have also really appreciated the new customer survey option. I thought we were doing well, but to see our net promoter score so high has been a real morale boost. We print out the results each fortnight and share them with the team.

Julia Mewes
The Mewes Vets
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Connaught House Vets Group logo

Connaught House have been using iRecall for our parasiticide treatment reminders since March 2021. We are delighted with the results, the number of units sold over doubled in number in just 6 months. The support team and our regional account manager are always on hand to answer queries and nothing is too much trouble. A very positive experience both economically and in terms of service!

Connaught House Vets Group
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Willows Veterinary Hospital logo

Definitely increasing our sales and clients love the way we are communicating better with them.

Ian Hopkins
Willows Veterinary Hospital
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Arun Veterinary Centre logo

We've had iRecall installed for around four months and are already noticing more client enquiries about parasite treatment. The service has brought the practice communication into the modern age, yet still keeping the personalised touch that's so special to our clients; we are able to fully customise what is sent out and when. It works in the background, using data from our existing PMS system and the install was simple and, more importantly, stress-free. We use iRecall® to promote our entire parasitic treatment range, so we can ensure each client is catered for by their individual needs.

Liz Panter
Arun Veterinary Centre
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Penmellyn Vets logo

Using iRecall for our vaccine reminders has made the whole process more efficient and frees up our admin team's time to allow a better all round service.

Jennifer Fanning
Penmellyn Vets
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New Plymouth District Vet Group logo

When it comes to communicating with our clients, iRecall has changed everything - for the better! As one of the early adopters of VetlinkSQL, our large mixed practice clinic was seeking a solution to help us effectively communicate with our clients and we didn’t want to change our software. We wanted a simple and automated way to send out appointment, vaccination, and parasite reminders. While VetlinkSQL is capable of this, iRecall offered a much more easy and professional approach. During a recent ‘sudden’ lockdown we were faced with cancelling 280 appts for a period of 3 days. With the help of the iRecall’s support team, within a few hours all our clients had been contacted either via text or email. Prior to iRecall, we would have had a nurse manually text or call so you could imagine the pressure this took off our staff! We have discovered that iRecall can do many things! We wanted to do a client survey and see how we are doing. I contacted the team at iRecall, they said “Sure we can do that”. A week into running our client survey the feedback has been invaluable. Another tick for iRecall. Basically, if you are wanting to take your clinic to the next level, then consider iRecall. We have been impressed not only at the ease of implementation, but the support they offer. The staff are exceptional and very easy to work with.

Lori Mahony
New Plymouth District Vet Group
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Clent Hills Vet Group logo

As a practice I'd always thought that we did fairly well selling flea and worm products. The staff were committed to the concept, we had a healthy pet club and our rep was always very happy with our sales. When iRecall® was launched I was keen to get it installed as a 'value added service' but didn't really expect that we would see the huge uplift in sales that had been quoted by the iRecall® team. How could we, as we were selling all we could already? Oh my, how wrong was I! In only a 6 month period we have increased our year to date sales by 30% already! The clients really appreciate the reminder to apply the product and this bonds them to the practice for repeat purchase. I am amazed how well it' s worked for us, and with the initial set up done, we literally do nothing else in practice apart from sell the products to happy clients.

Rebekka Fiorani
Clent Hills Vet Group
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