How does it work?

iRecall set-up

Installation is easy. No need for on-site visits or engineers to disrupt your practice. Your iRecall adapter will be installed remotely by our team of experts, and our friendly support team will back you up.

How it works?

Once installed, it allows iRecall to constantly read the live data from your practice management system, providing us with the most relevant information, without your team having to upload or report information to the iRecall software.

Once iRecall is able to read your live data, each module has either a set trigger audience, or can be configured to send to a segmented audience at one time.

Trigger audiences are set up as standard. Each module (or message type, ie. parasiticide reminders, vaccination re-engagement, or customer feedback surveys) will have its own specific audience, and when a patient meets all the requirements, iRecall sends the relevant message to the client.

For example:

  1. Client A purchases parasiticide product
  2. iRecall reads the data by looking at the product, pack size and quantity purchased
  3. iRecall starts a sequence of message reminders, and at every interval verifies the records to ensure they still fit within the message sequence

Client A purchased 2x packs of 3-monthly and 2x packs of monthly parasiticide treatments for two animals. iRecall will read this data and start a sequence, combining all 8 messages into monthly reminders. When a product is on it's last treatment reminder, iRecall will provide contact or online ordering links to the client for repurchase.

Different communications have trigger audience requirements that can vary from a range of patient properties (ie. age, species, last seen in practice, compliance) and/or purchase properties (ie. treatment, appointment booking).

Client data security

Rest assured, your data is safe with us. At no stage do we duplicate or store your or your clients’ data. All data remains on your system. We are ISO27001 registered, providing you and your clients with the highest standard of data security.

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