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Frequently asked questions

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Which practice management systems are compatible with iRecall?

iRecall is currently compatible with the following practice management systems:

  • Avimark
  • Cornerstone
  • Impromed Infinity
  • LogiVet

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. We take data protection very seriously. The huge advantage of iRecall over other reminder services is that all the data stays on your database. We do not extract lists of data and store them off-site. The service reads from your database, works out what reminders need processing, and sends them - all within a few seconds. You always have access to a secure message log - hosted online at the iRecall Hub.

What about euthanased animals, moved clients and opt-outs?

Live access to data is one of many great advantages of using iRecall over systems that require uploads of data extracted, which can be out of date.

As iRecall® always reads live from your database, there is no risk of sending messages to euthanased animals, which can be very distressing for the client.

iRecall® will also interpret most 'moved away' style flags, and communication preferences within the practice management system, allowing you to use your database as intended.

My database is not very tidy. Does that matter?

iRecall was designed by vets, for vets, so we know what a typical database looks like.

As part of the iRecall service, we include ways to clean your data as much as possible. For example, iRecall looks for a mobile number to send an SMS to, regardless of which contact field it sits in (such as 'Home' or 'Work'). If there are notes in the field, such as 07812 345 678 Mrs Jones, iRecall will ignore the notes and send communications to the number shown.

We can also provide you with tips on how to improve your database to maximise the effectiveness of iRecall by collecting mobile and email details.

I'm worried my clients will be annoyed by the reminders?

All iRecall reminders are service-level enhancements that refer to a product or service that the client has already bought. The messages are not sales motivated, which makes a significant difference, and therefore clients are very grateful for the reminders you send. iRecall simply helps them do what they want to do at the right time.

Can a client respond to a text message and/or email reminder?

We recommend sending SMS messages from your practice name rather than using a mobile number, as it increases engagement with familiarity. If clients want to contact the practice, we include contact details in each SMS.

Email reminders come directly from your practice's email address and not a third party. Sending directly from your practice email address will build engagement through familiarity and prevent your emails marking as spam. Clients can also reply directly back to the practice.

What if we discontinue a product or add a new one?

As part of the iRecall service, our team provides ongoing support. Simply get in touch by email or phone to inform us of which products you have added or removed, and we'll do the background work to ensure the right reminders are going for the right products.

The system will naturally reduce and stop the reminders for discontinued products as they won't trigger reminders from a purchase.

Admin users of the iRecall Hub will have access to the treatment table (a list of all products) and can configure or remove products.

iRecall support

Our support team are on hand to help with any problems you might have.

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The iRecall Support Team

Our Virtual Recall support team are on hand Monday to Thursday, 9am - 530pm, and Friday, 9am - 5pm, to help you with any questions or assistance. If you would like to contact our team, please call us on 1-800-663-8888 or email at

Remote Support

Installation and technical support for iRecall customers

For technical assistance with an iRecall product or to install iRecall remotely, please download our remote TeamViewer software onto the computer hosting your PMS database, usually your server.

Download TeamViewer

How we gain remote access

TeamViewer is a remote access window that allows us to use your computer as if we were sitting at it. Getting remote access means we do not need to visit the practice to install iRecall, and if you leave the server logged on, we can install out of hours to ensure no disruption to your normal usage.

The system is very safe, as we will only be able to access your computer once you have provided us with your unique user code and password generated within the program. You may need administrator rights to be able to install the software.

To install TeamViewer:

Which computer? Installation of TeamViewer and iRecall will usually be on your server. If this is not the case, choose a PC that can be available if we need to provide maintenance. An office PC for part-time use is preferable to the receptionists' terminal.

Ensure that you log into Windows as the Administrator on your server/PC. We will need to install iRecall under the administrator account, so please provide us with these details to service iRecall when you are not there. Contact your IT Manager or PMS provider if you are unsure of these details.

Downloading TeamViewer

Depending on your system, this may offer you an option to Run or Save - please choose Run. It will download a file you need to open and follow the install process.

If asked to use TeamViewer for private, personal or commercial use - please select commercial use.

TeamViewer will then ask you to provide/create a password. Please ensure you keep hold of the password you create, as this will be how we access your computer. You can change this password at any time to remove our access.

It may ask you if you wish to allow Virtual Recall Support access to your device, select Allow and finish.

Finally, TeamViewer will give you an ID. To allow us access, please forward your ID and password to:, or call us on 1-800-663-8888 along with a selection of specific times and dates that the server would be available for installation.

Installation generally only takes about 30 mins and can be actioned once all the install forms are completed and returned.