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A third of vaccinated pets are missing their boosters, and only 66% are vaccinated.* Getting reminders to your clients at the right time is vital to improving their pets' long-term health.

iRecall’s unique SMARTdelivery software monitors your communications to ensure delivery 100% of the time. If delivery fails, it is automatically resent via an alternative channel (SMS, post or email).

*2019 PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report

Multi-channel messaging

iRecall is fully integrated with your practice management system and monitors your clients' contacts. For example, if a parasiticide email reminder fails due to a wrongly spelt email address, iRecall SMARTdelivery automatically sends the same message through an alternative medium such as SMS. Our data interrogation would flag an incorrect mobile number, resulting in sending the reminder by post. All completed automatically — leaving you to care for your patients.

With full messaging preferences for your practice and your clients, the SMARTdelivery solution can vary from message to module, ensuring clients receive their reminders from the best possible channel.

Contact errors

When messages fail, iRecall records the error and reports back as part of your fortnightly Insight Reports. From here, you can download the ‘Bad Contacts’ report and correct clients’ details — ensuring you have a complete client contact database.

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