Properly personalised

iRecall personalises all of your communications automatically - to the client, patient and practice.

Personalised communication is everywhere, and your clients expect it. Messages tailored to the individual result in higher open rates and better click-through rates, but most importantly, they build better relationships.

Pet owners love their vets and want good relationships with those that care for their most loved animals. For that reason alone, it's essential to connect with your clients on a personal level with every message you send, building your connection.

Automatically personalised

To provide exceptional customer service, your messages need to be tailored to your client and their animals - which can be laborious if written manually.

With iRecall all your communications are automatically personalised — no more time-draining copy and paste.

Every message is addressed to the client, references their animals and combines reminders, advice or call-to-actions where applicable.

On-brand messaging

Consistency is key to building trust in your communications. iRecall engages your clients in your communications by always being on-brand with every message — including your practice logo, brand colour and practice or site details.

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