How will it benefit my practice?

iRecall’s communication solutions have been tried and tested across the globe in over 2,000 practices, clinics, and hospitals – with astounding results.

Improved client compliance

Fewer missed appointments, better parasiticide coverage, greater vaccination protection. With timely reminders and informative communications, your client’s compliance will improve — enhancing pet health and boosting practice profits.

Happier clients and healthier pets

With improved compliance, and better client relationships, comes healthier pets. Delivering targeted personalised messages to your clients makes them feel special and more connected to your practice. iRecall helps you deliver the best quality customer service, reducing your admin and allowing your team to focus on your patients.

Increased practice revenue

On average, an iRecall practice increases its revenue on average 300%. Better compliance results in increased product sales and appointments booked — without feeling the pressure of “selling”.

Reduced admin workload

Focus your time on your clients, safe in the knowledge that your reminders and review requests are taken care of. No more trawling your practice management system and bulk sending to clients.

Enhanced reputation

iRecall Review will boost your local reputation by generating online reviews. Real-time feedback supports you in providing the best service to your clients. Happy client reviews automatically build your online profile, whilst a fully managed and easily tracked review system enables your team to be proactive — helping to turn any negatives into positives.

Optimised appointments

Monthly bulk reminder sending is a drain on your time, and results in peaks and troughs of appointment bookings. Smooth out your calendar, reduce your workload and improve practice workflows with individual reminders sent at the perfect time for each patient.

No missed reminders

Your client data is constantly checked, and missing details are reported live. iRecall delivers all your communications according to your client’s individual preferences. If one delivery method fails, iRecall automatically chooses the next option. Delivering 100% of reminders, 100% of the time.

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