Seasonal safety awareness

Annual celebrations and changes in the seasons can bring risk and disease to animals. To ensure all-year-round health and enhance footfall, these ready-to-go seasonal safety mailings will help educate and encourage clients to take important steps to manage the health of their animals.

  • Christmas
  • Equine winter worming
  • Summer sun
  • Fireworks
  • Spring parasites
  • Equine spring parasites
  • Healthy heart
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Seasonal safety awareness

Practice management

Creating digital documents can be an easy-to-find solution for your clients but it's a time-consuming task in practice. Manage welcome packs and keep in line with GDPR, including easy to manage client consent management all in one easy place. And, every year, delight your clients with friendly Happy Birthday greetings via email and post. Keeping things automated for your practice creates a reliable service and convenience for your clients.

  • Welcome packs
  • Privacy policy
  • Inactive clients
  • Happy Birthday
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Practice management

Disease awareness

Common diseases aren't always common knowledge to pet owners.Throughout an animal's lifespan, educational advice can be life-changing.

Provide the best customer service with your care beyond the practice door through placing educational, symptom-spotting content directly into their hands with targeted communications - improving your ongoing service and the health of animals.

  • Heartworm
  • Health heart
  • Dermatology
  • Parvovirus outbreak
  • Dry eye
  • SDMA
  • Equine mud fever
  • CKD awareness
  • Cushing's disease awareness
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
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Disease awareness

Desexing education

As well as having peace of mind, desexing provides many health benefits that your clients might not be aware of. Build trust and care beyond the practice door with gender & species-specific education about this important procedure. Sent at the optimal time for each species to help pet owners feel confident when considering desexing.

Desexing procedures are a core part of every practice's regular business, so engaging clients at an early stage is vital to your future client relationships.

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Neutering education

Healthcare advice

Like us humans, we understand our beloved animals need regular health care, such as brushing teeth and keeping fit. Some of the 'standard' struggles and signs could all be symptoms of something far worse, even potentially life-threatening.

Keep your care continuing beyond the practice door and drive routine footfall with targeted health care advice. Educating clients in taking the best care of their animals and catching those early onset symptoms to best spot disease early.

  • Senior pet
  • Rabbit welfare awareness
  • Nutrition
  • Dental healthcare
  • Deadly ticks (paralysis ticks)
  • Bush fire safety
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Healthcare advice

Client re-engagement

As vets, we need to encourage inactive clients to stay on track to ensure animals remain compliant. Most importantly, overdue and dropped parasite purchasers need to be re-engaged for the health and wellbeing of animals nationwide.

Target clients with overdue animals by re-engaging them with the importance of preventative protection. Bring back their engagement with an average 44% open rate and 800% ROI with the following campaigns.

  • Vaccine re-engagement
  • Parasite awareness
  • Inactive client/patient
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Client re-engagement

Create your own

Our Engage ready-to-go communications connect with your clients and educate them to support their pets' healthcare, but we can't always be comprehensive in the content that practices may need to send to their clients.

Burst drain-pipe, community event, new site or maybe you have had to change your contact details? These events happen in business and are very specific to what you need your customers to know. That's why we've done the leg work for you. Tried and tested templates, ready for your message to be added to SMS or email.

Our support team is on hand to manage your custom messages, from set-up through to delivery.

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Create your own

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