Managing an irritating condition with effective client communications

Managing an irritating condition with effective client communications

Simon Parsons Marketing Assistant

Great products are only half the solution. Over the past decade we have had great results improving the uptake and compliance of treatments from vaccines to parasiticides through effective client communications; both in terms of proactive client education & timely, personal reminders. We are proud of the positive impact iRecall has had for animals, clients and practices all across the world. Now we are taking our expertise into long-term areas of animal healthcare with our canine focused dermatology communication package!

This debuts as the first chronic condition for iRecall Therapeutics. Skin conditions in dogs require careful long-term patient (& client) management, providing an excellent showcase of how we can help.

Our canine dermatology communication package is designed to make the journey from diagnosis, treatment planning, ongoing appointments and re-ordering medication easy & seamless for client, practice and patient alike.

Of course the heart improved animal health are the treatments themselves, so we have partnered with the leading provider of market leading dermatological therapies, APOQUEL® and CYTOPOINT®, Zoetis to develop a comprehensive dermatological solution. The combination of treatments for both short and long-term management of skin conditions and our compliance boosting communications will help create better skin health outcomes for our canine companions!

Scratching the surface

As with most long-term conditions and treatments education is key. Whilst 1 in 10 dogs in the UK are affected by canine atopic dermatitis, very few owners are even aware that their dog could be suffering from an allergies. Long-term management of these chronic patients generates practice revenue from repeated visits, but compliance and undiagnosed cases are still a significant issues.

Our dermatology specific educational communications aim to raise awareness of skin conditions and proactively drive earlier diagnosis, especially during peak allergy seasons. But diagnosis is only the start of the journey, the critical element is to keep clients engaged through regular prompts and checks that will help compliance in the future. Their dog's wellbeing always remains at the heart of engagement!

The dermatology package in brief:

  • Dermatology Awareness campaign

  • Product information

  • Reminders

To help bring things to life, here's an example of the journey for a previously undiagnosed case:

Journey 1

There also remains the equally important type of journey of a chronic patient. They may have had issues with compliance in the past, as it can be tough to remember a pill every day after all!

With further educational communication about other, possibly easier options, and ongoing reminders we can help support you in getting patients into practice and adhering a treatment plan that works.

Journey 2

iRecall® quality for client and practice

True to what we pride ourselves on, our dermatology specific communications are based on what is best for the relationship between client, patient and practice:

  • Personalised messages for each client, bringing together pet names and treatments into a single efficient message

  • Practice tailored branding for consistency across all communications from your practice to further enhance personalisation

  • Real-time messaging and interfacing with your PMS for, so messages go out exactly when they are needed

  • Fully automated database interrogation so there is no impact on your team